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Family Adventure Holiday in Croatia


This eight-day Family Adventure Holiday in Croatia is perfect for families with smaller kids (6-14),
with lots of swimming, snorkeling, water games and a visit to a brand new adrenaline park 










Activity suitable for children


Big sandy beaches 


No cars on Lopud island


Blue & Green Cave snorkel


Visit Adrenaline park


Private setting




  INCLUDED IN TOUR PRICE: 7 nights of private accommodation,  
   7 breakfasts, 1 lunches & 1 dinners, top-end kayaking equipment, 
   guided visit to adrenaline park, professional instructions, 
   English-speaking guide, airport & ferry transfers.


  NOT INCLUDED IN TOUR PRICE: Personal spending & drinks, 
   except on  breakfasts


  ACCOMMODATION TYPE: Guest house double or triple rooms 
   with attached private bathrooms


  TOUR PRICE : Adults 7270 HRK / 970€ / $ 1150 / 855£

                          Children 6550 HRK / 875€ / $ 1040 / 770£ 



This package includes 4 lunches at local restaurants and 2 home cooked dinners with our host  in private setting additional to our standard meal plan price.


NOTES:  We require a minimum of 4 persons to run this tour. If you’re traveling in a smaller group, please get in touch with us before booking online.

Prices are fixed in Croatian Kuna (HRK). Prices displayed in foreign currencies are informative only, and liable to exchange rate fluctuations.



Over the years we’ve noticed that active opportunities involving both parents AND children can be lacking in Croatia. We believe  families should start sharing adventures as soon as possible. Therefore we have designed this family friendly adventure holiday to help parents encourage their children to be active and to fall in love with nature’s wonders. This means a lot of swimming, snorkeling, and water games.


For instance, embedded in this tour will be an extra, non-paddling day, which we’ll use to visit the brand new Adrenaline Park located just south of Dubrovnik. Our goal is to make sure entire families can share adventures that they can talk about for a lifetime.


This tour is based around the island of Lopud, which has several beautiful sandy beaches and no worries about cars or crime because there are none. It just a small island where kids can wander on their own and can’t get lost. A place where it’s easy to make new friendships.


Our idea is to have daily kayaking trips from a home base — you’ll stay in the same place nightly so no need to fret over moving constantly. These paddling excursions are easily enjoyed by all families with young children using our supreme double kayaks and will cover about ten kilometers per day or less (two hours total in the kayaks) … which means there is plenty of time put aside every day for lunch, dinner, beach, snorkeling, water games, and all the other joys of summer.





  DAY 1:

  DAY 2:


  DAY 3:


  DAY 4:


  DAY 5:

  DAY 6:


  DAY 7:

  DAY 8:


 Arrival day – Airport pickup – Ferry transfer to Lopud island - Come together dinner

 Breakfast - Kayaking instructions - Paddle from town of Lopud to sandy Sunj  beach - Lunch - 
 Beach games – Dinner

 Breakfast – Paddle from Sunj beach to Kolocep island - Swimming in the Blue cave  - Lunch - 
 Paddle back to Sunj beach – Free evening

 Breakfast – Transfer to mainland - Adrenaline park day - Lunch – Transfer back to  Lopud island - 
 Free evening

 Breakfast – Paddle from Sunj beach to town of Lopud – Lunch - Free afternoon

 Breakfast – Paddle from Lopud to limestone Archway - Swimming in the Green cave - Lunch - 
 Paddle back to Lopud – Free evening

 Breakfast - Day off or Optional tour - Farewell dinner

 Departure day - Breakfast - Transfer to the airport



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After we pick you up at the airport, we’ll take you to Dubrovnik old town to relax before boarding the local ferry headed to the island of Lopud at 4pm. On Lopud, we’ll escort you to your accommodation, which you’ll call home for the next week. At dinner that night, the group will go over trip logistics, discuss any necessary arrangements, talk about Croatia, and get to know one another.



After breakfast, we’ll begin our adventure and the first day of kayaking. There will be a thorough explanation of safety techniques, paddle strokes, and kayak management … all tools you’ll perfect as the week progresses. We will then get in our kayaks and paddle from the beach to another wonderful sandy beach — Šunj – on the other side of the island. During this introductory paddle, we will work on paddling and get comfortable in our boats. After we port, we’ll have time to swim, snorkel, and jump from rocks, which are all very safe with plenty of deep water. Next, we’ll have lunch at a local spot and spend the rest of the afternoon paying beach games. Eventually we’ll walk back to our rooms and have a dinner for the end.

Main Activity: Sea kayaking (total kayaking distance – 7 km)



After a hearty breakfast we’ll take a short hike back to our kayaks on Šunj Beach and then paddle across the channel to the island of Koločep. Here we will take out at the magnificent, underwater Blue Cave. We’ll take time to enjoy the natural wonders heaving picnic lunch — and relax as the sea slaps the shore beneath us. Back in the kayaks, satisfied and with the sun sparkling on the Adriatic, we’ll paddle back to our beach — Šunj — and walk back to town and get ready for dinner.

• Main Activity: Sea kayaking (total kayaking distance – 10 km)



Get ready for something completely different. After breakfast and morning swim, we’ll take the local ferry to Dubrovnik where we’ll jump in a car and drive about 30 min to Konavle adrenaline park, where we we’ll spend couple of hours having fun trying out all the tree obstacles designed for both kids and parents. After lunch we’ll head to local hidden beach to refresh in the sea. We ‘ll take the ferry back in the evening and have dinner back on Lopud island.

Main Activity: Adrenaline park in Konavle region



Following breakfast, we’ll return to our kayaks on the Sunj beach and spend the morning playing water games. Especially popular beach game in Croatia is called Picigin. It’s basically keepie-uppie sort of game played with a small ball. Goal is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible, but in acrobatic fashion. So, a lot of jumping, diving and kicking. No winners or losers, just great fun! After lunch we’ll paddle back to Lopud town and stop for swim, snorkel and cliff-jump along the way. 

• Main Activity: Sea kayaking (total kayaking distance – 7 km)



Today we will kayak to Šipan: the largest island in the Elaphiti Archipelago. We first paddle to the southwest side of the island to visit a natural, 25-meter-high, rock archway framing the island from one direction and the open Adriatic Sea to the other. This is a great photo-op and we’ll take some time to get shots of the group before continuing on in a southwesterly direction to the Green Cave. Sporting masks and snorkels, we’ll swim underwater and into the cave’s entrance, which opens into a large space big enough to stand in. From inside we’ll have a perfect vantage point to see the glorious sunlight which reflects against the cave’s sandy bottom and illuminates the grotto in a surreal green glow. After a break for swimming and cliff jumping into safe, deep waters, we’ll continue to the village of Suđurađ where we will have lunch in a local restaurant. Relaxation complete, we kayak back to Lopud and enjoy the sunset before dinner.

• Main Activity: Sea kayaking (total kayaking distance – 10 km)



Designed as a free day, guests are welcome to enjoy more time on the Lopud’s beaches on their own, take an excursion — via ferry — back to Dubrovnik for sightseeing or go on our optional rafting tour to beautiful Cetina river which is suitable for children and  great family tour.  At the end of the day we’ll have farewell dinner.

Free Day or Optional Activity: Canoeing on Cetina river



After breakfast, the group will take the ferry from Lopud back to Dubrovnik, where guides will either transfer guests to the airport or to a pre-booked hotel if they are staying on for a few days, or weeks, or months.


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29  6,13,20,27 3,10,17,24,31


Please inquire by email to learn more about availability of non published dates





- First and foremost, bring water bottles. If you don’t already have your own, you can buy cheap bottled water at any market or kiosk and you can reuse the bottle. Croatian water (from the sink) is very clean.


Sun block, lotion, and protection is only slightly less important than water. The sun here can be very strong, especially in hot summer months. Sunscreen is for more than making sure you have a great tan. It could save your vacation.


- We also suggest a hatsunglasses (with a leash), and a long-sleeve T-shirt if you are particularly sensitive to the sun.


Bathing suits should be worn under your clothes. 


- Usually the only thing you’ll need for a kayaking day out is a small towel.


We provide dry bags for your belongings but boat space is limited. In these bags you can place wallets, clothes, and cameras without fear of water.


Active sandals (Teva, Merrell, etc.) are great for kayaking, and light hiking. If you don’t have active sandals we will provide you with basic aqua shoes.


Cash is still the best kind of money in Croatia. Markets will take credit cards but many small restaurants will not. During day trips lunches are included in the tour price, but for any refreshment, gelatto or other snacks you will need a small amount of cash money every day.


- Athough we are in the European Union, Croatian currency is still Kuna (1EUR= 7,67HRK). If you didn’t have time to exchange money before you arrived in Croatia, you can do so at the airport. Exchange rates are more or less the same everywhere. There is also an ATM machine on Lopud island, but no bank or exchange office.


- Mosquitoes are a common summer pest in Croatia, so bring an efficient bug spray with you, it will make the evenings and nights here more pleasant. You can also buy it in local shops in Dubrovnik, but make sure to have it with you before you reach Lopud island, as there is only one shop there and the prices can be very steep during the high season.


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If you would like to call us instead, you can reach us on any of the following telephone numbers:


May 1st - October 31st:+385 (0)20 418 282; 
November 1st - April 30th: +385 (0)91 182 8772 or +385 (0)98 919 8968


We are also on Skype: outdoor.croatia; Facebook: /OutdoorCroatia;




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