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We have an assortment of adventure day tours in Dubrovnik geared for all skill levels. Our sea kayaking tours are designed for those who want to see Croatia and Dubrovnik in a completely different way while mixing that discovery with adventurous activity.

Sea Kayak Day Tours Dubrovnik



So, if you want to spend the entire day with us we will take you off the conveyor-belt tourism grind and give you an up-close-and-personal look at our country.

Guests booking day tours should plan for a truly full day that lasts from around 9:30am to 7pm on weekdays and Saturdays, while Sundays and Public Holidays have slightly different schedule. Don’t worry though, we will make sure you have all the information you need to catch a ferry on time. 

All day tour prices shown on our website are for Dubrovnik departure and include return ferry ticket. Guest staying at Lopud can deduct 46 kuna from tour price as they don’t need ferry tickets.





Arches, Caves, and Islands tour is one of our most diverse, most fun, and the most popular sea kayak day tour in Dubrovnik. Kayak to three beautiful islands and two charming villages in the Elaphiti Archipelago, swim & snorkle in the hidden Green Cave and paddle under an awe-inspiring limestone archway. Give yourself to the thrill of exciting cliff-jumping challenge!

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Sea Kayak Day Tours Dubrovnik


If island-hopping and multi-sport experiences make you smile this is the tour for you. Visit three islands and get the chance to trade your paddle for pedals midway through. Cycle across Šipan island through vineyards, olive groves, chapels, and medieval villages. Stop for a delicious lunch of local delicacies at one of the region’s best kept restaurant secrets. This tour is suitable for all ages, experience levels, and groups.

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Sea Kayak Day Tours Dubrovnik


Paddle along majestic limestone cliffs and enjoy Lopud island famous for its sandy beaches. A hidden treat awaiting - caves - where you can snorkel inside and for those brave souls there are perfect — and safe — places for cliff jumping. After lunch we’ll swim, lounge, or try the popular traditional game picigin on beautiful Šunj beach.

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Sea Kayak Day Tours Dubrovnik

We at Outdoor Croatia firmly believe equipment is an instrumental part of  providing great all-around service. This is the reason we decided to use only the best gear.

Let’s start with the Kayaks: We have both single and tandem kayaks. There are two models we use and both are from Venture Kayaks. For day tours and less experienced paddlers we recommend using the Easky 15 Sea Kayak model, which boasts great stability and trackability and handles rougher seas with ease. For multi-day trips and for those with some experience, the Capella 166 Sea Kayak — longer, sleeker, versatile, and above all fun to ride — is the perfect model for you.

It’s worth mentioning that all of our single kayaks are equipped with new and improved skegs which are great aids in tracking and can be fully or partially lowered to optimize your performance.

Prijon Poseidon was our choice for tandem kayaks. Not only are these kayaks stable and comfortable to ride but they are also surprisingly fast in a straight line and great for multi-day trips due to their large storage space. They’re equipped with rudders for easier steering.

Every kayaker loves a good paddle and we’re glad to say we offer great paddles on our trips. Lendal (now Celtic Paddles) is one of the best paddle manufacturers in the world and their paddles are top notch.

We have full carbon-fibre paddles available in different lengths and for lefties and righties. For half- and full-day tours, we use more durable and tougher Lendal carbon-fibre shaft and N12 blade paddles, which are also available in different lengths and offsets.

Palm Equipment, based in the UK and one of the best gear companies around, provides our personal floatation devices (PFD), spray skirtspaddle jackets, and other essential safety equipment.


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Sea Kayak Day Tours Dubrovnik

Our tours are built for every experience level in mind. Having said that, there are tours that are better suited to beginners and others that lend themselves to paddlers with at least some experience. These are clearly marked on our itineraries but, please, never hesitate to ask any question about whether a certain trip is right for you.

All of our trips start with safety talks, which will prepare you for the day’s expedition. We will talk about paddling strokes and answer any question — large and small — about any concern a guest has. We will not leave the beach until everyone is comfortable in their kayak. All guests are welcome to inquire about more advanced instruction.

Our philosophy is to keep the number of paddlers per guide low so everyone gets the most out of the experience. Eight guests constitutes a full tour. Full-day tours cover around 15 kilometers or three to four hours of relaxed kayaking. Half-day tours cover around eight to ten kilometers. We can work with anyone to schedule more or less paddling and/or more or less time spent on the beach, swimming, or walking through towns. Our only purpose, as we see it, is to make sure you have the most fun in the safest way possible.







If you would like to call us instead, you can reach us on any of the following telephone numbers:


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We are also on Skype: outdoor.croatia; Facebook: /OutdoorCroatia; and Twitter: /Outdoor_Croatia


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