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We know many of our guests will be arriving to Croatia via cruise ships. Because of this, we have designed packages to make the most of your  brief stay in our country. Please contact us with any requests regarding tours and packages and we will cater to your needs.

Outdoor Croatia Cruise Ship Programs

Due to time constraints and  diverse group structures (from couples to extended families), we are primarily running private, tailor made tours. That means we are very flexible and willing to work with you to create a perfect itinerary for your group. Just tell us how much time you have and what you enjoy doing most, and we will come up with some great sugesstions and we will do our very best to make your visit to Croatia smooth and memorable..

On the other hand, some activities are more popular than others, and that’s why we have created several standard cruise ship tours you can choose from. Of course, all of these tours can be customized to better suit your needs.



Outdoor Croatia Cruise Ship Program

This exclusive package is designed specifically to help cruise-ship passengers get the most of their time in Dubrovnik AND give them the chance to kayak through beautiful Dalmatian islands. The day begins with a speed-boat pick-up at your ship. You’ll completely avoid crowds and traffic during your personal tour of the Elafiti Islands on your way to the island of Lopud. On the island, you will be given full safety, skills, and technique instructions before paddling one of the best kayak routes on the Adriatic. You will get a chance to visit legendary Green Cave and enjoy swimming, snorkeling and cliff-jumping in our beautiful Adriatic Sea. The day ends with a speedboat back to your ship with sun on your face and Dalmatia in your heart.

In order to do this tour comfortably you need to have proximately five to six hours at your disposal in Dubrovnik. Price of this package varies depending on the size of your group, so please contact us by e-mail for rates and any additional information.



Outdoor Croatia Cruise Ship Program

This second option is for folks with a little more time to spend in Dubrovnik. The early part of the day is the same as above. For the end of the trip though, the speedboat will take you to the UNESCO protected Old Town Dubrovnik, where you will meet a guide for a walk around the city’s famous walls and a unforgettable tour of the beautiful “Pearl of the Adriatic.”

For this option  you need at least 8 hours, although more would be even better. Since this is a longer tour than the previous one, we can package a quick lunch. Please contact us by e-mail for rates and any additional information.



Outdoor Croatia Cruise Ship Program

After picking you up from your cruise ship, we’ll take a van into the beautiful Konavle region, which is bisected by mountains. Beneath craggy cliffs, a valley is bordered by a river and filled with vineyards. Tour starts in medieval town of Cilipi. From here we will cycle to a Franciscan Monastery in Pridvorje, where we will relax, enjoy, and learn about the old cloister. After, we’ll ride to the Ljuta River to see a presentation — reenacted by a local in authentic period clothes — of how people used to grind wheat and corn into flour using the old river mill.

After, we will head to a nearby restaurant on the river where you will refresh yourself with drinks or quick lunch while guides load the bikes on the van. Following refreshment, we will drive uphill for some 10 mins to a beautiful remote village of Kuna on top of the mountain. From there we will start our last stretch of biking – all downhill and finish this memorable day in style.

You need proximaly six hours in Dubrovnik to do this tour comfortably.






If you would like to call us instead, you can reach us on any of the following telephone numbers:


May 1st - October 31st:+385 (0)20 418 282; 
November 1st - April 30th: +385 (0)91 182 8772 or +385 (0)98 919 8968


We are also on Skype: outdoor.croatia; Facebook: /OutdoorCroatia; and Twitter: /Outdoor_Croatia


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