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First and foremost, we will do everything in our power to make your experience of adventure holiday in Croatia as enjoyable and as carefree as possible.  The job of planning, being aware of sea conditions, and ensuring safety is ours and we take them very seriously. All guides speak fluent English and can read both sea and mountain conditions very well.

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Our tours are built for every experience level in mind. Having said that, there are tours that are better suited to beginners and others that lend themselves to paddlers with at least some experience. These are clearly marked on our itineraries but, please, never hesitate to ask any question about whether a certain trip is right for you.

All of our trips start with safety talks, which will prepare you for the day’s expedition. We will talk about paddling strokes and answer any question — large and small — about any concern a guest has. We will not leave the beach until everyone is comfortable in their kayak. All guests are welcome to inquire about more advanced instruction.

Our philosophy is to keep the number of paddlers per guide low so everyone gets the most out of the experience. Eight guests constitutes a full tour. Full-day tours cover around 15 kilometers or three to four hours of relaxed kayaking. Half-day tours cover around eight to ten kilometers. We can work with anyone to schedule more or less paddling and/or more or less time spent on the beach, swimming, or walking through towns. Our only purpose, as we see it, is to make sure you have the most fun in the safest way possible.


Personal Belongings

Your luggage will be stored in your accommodation on the island of Lopud when you arrive. Your belongings will remain safe under the watchful eye of our professional partners whom we’ve worked with for years.

When you are on tour, we will provide dry bags for anything you’ll need on a day-to-day basis … such as wallets, cameras, and an extra change of clothes.



We have been working with many of our lodging partners for years. Our quality requirements for our guests are similar to the requirements we have when we travel. That in mind, guests can expect the private accommodations booked during longer tours to be absolutely safe and secure, reasonably priced, cozy, filled with character, and very clean. Rooms are typically doubles (unless stated otherwise) and have private bathrooms.



It won’t take long for you to become a fan of Croatian cuisine. Food here is fresh and the ingredients are incredible. Red and white wines — right from the regions we’ll pass in our kayaks — are plentiful. Like our relationships with our lodging partners, we have worked with several restaurants and beach bars for years. They understand our demand for both great food and great service. When you book with us, you can expect the same. On our multi- day tours all meals are usually included  – you can expect hearty breakfasts, delicious picnic or restaurant one course lunches and memorable 3 courses dinners – traditionally cooked.


Week-long tours

We keep group sizes even smaller for longer tours. The reason is simple: we want to get the most out of the experience for everyone involved. When we are together for several days, our group becomes like a tribe. We eat together, plan together, and enjoy beautiful paddling together. Please read up on the different options and, again, don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions about the fitness or experience level required for the tours.



We accept Visa, MasterCard, wire transfers, and cash. To reserve a tour, we ask for a deposit of 30%.


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The vast majority of our tours are for adventurers of any level. Everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes have the basic tools to enjoy most of the trips we offer. It is important to note that we will never begin any trip — half-day, full-day, or week-long — without making sure that every member of the team is completely up-to-speed with necessary safety precautions and with at least a basic proficiency in the discipline being undertaken that day.

Having said this, there are some tours, which are clearly marked, that are better suited for guests with a little more experience or athletic ability. This doesn’t mean that beginners aren’t welcome or aren’t capable of undertaking these tours. It only means that one must be honest with themselves about what they are capable of physically.

As always, please ask any question about any tour’s difficulty and our guides will help you find the right trip to fit your level of experience and fitness level. At the end of our adventures we expect you will not only see Croatia in a completely unique way but you will have a new level of physical pride and a new skill in your life’s toolbox.



Adventure Holiday Croatia

- First and foremost, bring water bottles. If you don’t already have your own, you can buy cheap bottled water at any market or kiosk and you can reuse the bottle. Croatian water (from the sink) is very clean.

Sun blocklotion, and protection is only slightly less important than water. The sun here can be very strong, especially in hot summer months. Sunscreen is for more than making sure you have a great tan. It could save your vacation.

- We also suggest a hatsunglasses (with a leash), and a long-sleeve T-shirt if you are particularly sensitive to the sun.

Bathing suits should be worn under your clothes. 

- Usually the only thing you’ll need for a kayaking day out is a small towel.

We provide dry bags for your belongings but boat space is limited. In these bags you can place wallets, clothes, and cameras without fear of water.

- For trips that include hiking or biking, a solid pair of light hikers or sports shoes are sufficient. You’ll need some sort of water shoes as well – Teva style sandals will suffice. For trips that start later in the season se suggest bringing  shoes resistant to water due to possibility of rain.

Windstopper jacket for the speedboat ride and a raincoat

Small backpack for biking

Cash is still the best kind of money in Croatia. Markets will take credit cards but many small restaurants will not. During day trips lunches are included in the tour price, but for any refreshment, gelatto or other snacks you will need a small amount of cash money every day.

- Athough we are in the European Union, Croatian currency is still Kuna (1EUR= 7,67HRK). If you didn’t have time to exchange money before you arrived in Croatia, you can do so at the airport. Exchange rates are more or less the same everywhere. There is also an ATM machine on Lopud island, but no bank or exchange office.

Mosquitoes are a common summer pest in Croatia, so bring an efficient bug spray with you, it will make the evenings and nights here more pleasant. You can also buy it in local shops in Dubrovnik, but make sure to have it with you before you reach Lopud island, as there is only one shop there and the prices can be very steep during the high season.


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Traveling in Croatia is, for the most part, as easy as in any European country but the scenery is more beautiful. The main difference between Croatia and other countries in the region is that instead of taking trains everywhere, you’ll take ferries. There are trains but largely they service destinations from Zagreb to Split on the Dalmatian Coast, Rijeka at the edge of Istria, and east into Slavonia. Along the southern part of the Dalmatian Coast — from Split to Dubrovnik — buses are the preferred form of public transportation.



This is the best way to see the country. Ferries here are like trains in Switzerland: they are plentiful and leave and arrive on time. One of the great joys of traveling in Croatia is throwing care to the wind while getting ready to catch the next boat for some island-hopping. Many ferries carry cars so if you decide to rent an auto you can still be carefree. Go to the following site for more information:



The main station in Croatia is in the capital, Zagreb. This station, once a key stop along the Orient Express, is located in the center of the city. For more information about routes and times please visit:



By far the most utilized form of public transportation through the country and along the coast is Croatia’s well-developed bus system. Convenient, with many lines, and appropriately priced, buses leave for nearly every destination many times per day. For more information about buses, this site is a great place to start:


Car rental

Renting a car is simple in Croatia and for some, it is a convenient option. There are offices (from most major international companies) at all of the airports and in the center of the major towns and cities. Expect to pay approximately 40 Euros per day. The upside: you get to see things on your own and stop whenever and wherever you like. The downside: parking can be challenging. Tip: wear your seatbelt and adhere to the speed limits, especially on the smaller byways. Outdoor Croatia partners with several established companies in Croatia and you can always direct your car rental inquires to us and we’ll find good deals for you.



This can be an attractive option … especially if you book in advance. Zagreb’s airport connects with Split, Zadar, Rijeka, Pula, and Dubrovnik. Croatia Airlines flights can fill quickly but if you book early it will save you a lot of travel time. Check out this site for more information:


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