Kayaking in Dubrovnik

Vedran Forko

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Born and raised in Zagreb, I joined the Zagreb Kayak Club at the age of 13. At the age of 16, I became a member
of the Croatian white-water team, with which I won medals at both national and international competitions.

Whitewater kayaking was a perfect sport for me in those formative years of my live as it allowed me to travel a lot
and compete against the best in this sport, but most importantly, it helped me focus my abundant energy into something useful and healthy.


When I turned 21, I decided to get serious and get a job so naturally my choice was to do something connected to the sport I love. Adventure travel has proved to be a great move for me because I’m a people person and enjoy sharing my stories
and knowledge about Croatia As well, my experience talking to so many people from all around the world has helped me
to broaden my horizons and perfect my English.


Last six years before starting Outdoor Croatia I worked as a free-lancer for four different adventure travel agencies
ranging from outdoor travel companies to MICE travel to companies organizing bus tours and have learned something
from all of them.

Working various jobs gave me a great perspective on tourism in Croatia as a whole from a lot of different angles. I was able to learn first-hand about the needs of different type of travelers and connect with countless hotels, restaurants, tour-companies etc. In this six years I visited every corner of Croatia, and kept surprising myself how beautiful it is.


Somewhere, in this last six years of working, an idea was born inside my head that I would have my own company. That idea grew into an ambition, ambition into a dream, and now, finally, the dream has came true!


Last two years have been the most exciting years in my life. My friend and business partner Marko Grubisic and I started this company from scratch and it is so rewarding to see it grow now. I feel lucky and grateful to have this job which doesn’t feel like one most of the time.


To finish, I would like to share with you my hobbies and what I like to do in my spare time to relax. You probably realized so far that outdoor sports is what I really enjoy most. Whitewater kayaking was my first love, but now I enjoy sea-kayaking as much. Mountain-biking is one of my newly-found occupations and I’m really enjoying it.


Along with that, I wouldn’t be proper Croatian if I didn’t like football (soccer). Not only I like playing it, but I like watching it as well. Of course, like any other football fan on the planet, I always know better than the manager what’s best for our team.

Croatia will play on the World Cup in Brazil this year and I have high hopes – GO CROATIA!

Besides sports, I like watching movies and TV shows. My favorite director is Quentin Tarantino and favorite movie is Pulp Fiction. TV shows I like are: Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Rome, Suits, Game of Thrones, Arrested Development and many others.

I like reading as well. Fantasy is my favorite genre and Game of Thrones series are my favorite books. I’ve read them all twice and can’t wait for new one to come out. 


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