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Welcome to Outdoor Croatia.


We are Adventure Travel Company from Croatia specialized in running private and group sea kayaking tours and multisport activities in Dubrovnik suitable for everyone – from beginners to experienced outdoorsmen.


To start, let us tell you something about why we founded our company. First and foremost, we love our country’s adventure, cultural, and culinary offerings and love sharing that spirit with guests from
other countries. Secondly, we have been kayaking, hiking, climbing, rafting,
mountain biking, and guiding folks in those pursuits for years. When you
combine these factors, you have the makings of what we are sure will be
a magical vacation for you, your friends, and your family. 

Activities in Dubrovnik

Marko & Vedran Kayaking

Who are we? Outdoor Croatia is Croatian owned adventure company founded and led by Vedran Forko and Marko Grubišić. We are both BCU certified paddlers with a lifetime of experience in both sea and whitewater kayaking. We lead once-in-a-lifetime excursions to the most intimate corners of Croatia. We do nothing half-way. Our kayaks are the highest quality in the industry. Our knowledge and safety measures are the most advanced. And our itineraries are the most thoughtful, developed, and flexible for every level of experience.


These guarantees doesn’t come lightly. We’re able to confidently make such claims only after almost a decade of kayak-guiding experience, respecting the environment, and developing itineraries for our guests. But, more significantly, Outdoor Croatia is fueled by an overriding philosophy that quality — from our knowledge as guides to the equipment we supply during your expedition — is something deeply rooted and time-tested and not just something floating at the surface. By visiting our page, you are helping us realize our aim of combining culture, adrenaline, safety, and hospitality … so thank you.


Outdoor Croatia, then, is a product of all the above plus another motivating factor: we were determined to deliver the best Croatia has to offer while encouraging our guests to develop skills they themselves weren’t aware they possessed. Essentially we want to provide our clients with what we expect (as lifelong kayakers and outdoorsmen) when we ourselves travel to paddle, climb, cycle, hike, and tour in other countries. We expect guides to be proper hosts and to wear their passion on their sleeves. We expect tourist-guide knowledge. We expect top-flight expertise and a love for the environment. But, most of all, we demand they care more about their clients and their clients’ safety than they do about the company’s bottom line.

Just imagine, we thought, if a company actually provided a service that exceeded expectations and encouraged guests to tell their friends how special kayaking in Croatia could be. We’d be working not just for ourselves but for the country as a whole.

Among the differences you’ll see straight away with Outdoor Croatia: we cater to every experience level and can tailor-make tours for everyone from families and honeymooners to world-class kayakers looking to take advantage of the nooks, crannies, caves, and cliffs jamming Croatia’s thousands of kilometers of coastline. The other main difference you’ll find: we are here to make your time in our country as agreeable as possible. Whether you’re looking for the best place to sample wine, try local gastronomic specialties, see a musical performance, or find a quiet beach to watch the sunset, we take our jobs as loving hosts very very seriously.


While you are in Croatia you are, simply put, our guests.


Our Equipment

We at Outdoor Croatia firmly believe equipment is an instrumental part of  providing great all-around service. This is the reason we decided to use only the best gear.

Let’s start with the kayaks: We have both single and tandem kayaks. There are two models we use and both are from Venture Kayaks. For day tours and less experienced paddlers we recommend using the Easky 15 model, which boasts great stability and trackability and handles rougher seas with ease. For multi-day trips and for those with some experience, the Capella 166 — longer, sleeker, versatile, and above all fun to ride — is the perfect model for you.

It’s worth mentioning that all of our single kayaks are equipped with new and improved skegs which are great aids in tracking and can be fully or partially lowered to optimize your performance.

Prijon Poseidon was our choice for tandem kayaks. Not only are these kayaks stable and comfortable to ride but they are also surprisingly fast in a straight line and great for multi-day trips due to their large storage space. They’re equipped with rudders for easier steering.

Every kayaker loves a good paddle and we’re glad to say we offer great paddles on our trips. Lendal is one of the best paddle manufacturers in the world and their paddles are top notch.

We have full carbon-fibre paddles available in different lengths and for lefties and righties. For half- and full-day tours, we use more durable and tougher Lendal carbon-fibre shaft and N12 blade paddles, which are also available in different lengths and offsets.

Palm Equipment, based in the UK and one of the best gear companies around, provides our personal floatation devices (PFD), spray skirts, paddle jackets, and other essential safety equipment.





Sea Kayaking Tours in Dubrovnik

Our Biographies

Vedran Forko

Born and raised in Zagreb, I joined the Zagreb Kayak Club at the age of 13. At the age of 16, I became a member of the Croatian white-water team, with which I won medals at both national and international competitions. Whitewater kayaking was a perfect sport for me in those formative years of my live as it allowed me to travel a lot and compete against the best in this sport, but most importantly, it helped me focus my abundant energy into something useful and healthy.

Marko Grubišić

One thing you’ll notice when you visit is how proud Croatians are of being from Croatia. I am no exception. Born in the capital, and from a Dalmatian heritage, I fell in love with kayaking at a very young age when I joined Zagreb’s Brodar Kayaking Club and began racing in national and international competitions. The training needed for the club led me to new outdoor-adventure challenges. Today I enjoy and work to perfect my skill in a wide range of activities — climbing, mountaineering and speleology, for instance.

Ana Vuzdarić

Hi! I’ve been rowing for a long time, throught my highschool and college years. Then somebody told me I was facing the wrong way so I switched to kayaking. When I’m not here working as Office Manager and being An email éminence grise, I go back to my hometown Zagreb…

Maroje Burić

Not so long ago in south of Croatia a legend was born. A legend in the making as some would say. Sound very modest, don’t you think? I grew up in Dubrovnik and as every local I fell in love with the city and nature that surrounds it (mountains, forests and the sea). My part in outdoor sports started about 6 years ago when I got my first job in one kayaking company, and since then the outdoor has become my true love…

Outdoor Croatia Sea Kayaking Dubrovnik

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